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Taking requests for Christmas gift fics...

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...because clearly NaNo isn't enough for me.

I'm not sure if anyone watches this comm anymore, but I may as well offer this up here, too, right? Copy/pasted straight from my journal, just fyi.

Also posted at kakasaku and katara_zuko.

I'm following Mae's lead and offering up short!fic Christmas gifts because I'm poor, don't know where any of you live, and have an excess of time. Also, I kinda like you guys, so I figured I might as well do something. XD

They'll be ~500-2000 words (borrowed another aspect, Mae, sorry ^^;). If you'd like one, please leave a comment on this journal (please, no random comments on other journal entries) with a fandom/character(s)/pairing(s)*, a prompt, and a genre, and if you want a little smut, ask. I'm not promising anything graphic (or particularly good...) but I'll do what I can for you. Please be warned, I absolutely do not write hardcore yaoi. I can swing shonen/shojo-ai and yuri (because it's the holidays), but no boysex, kay? Consider it a Christmas gift to me.

I'd also take it kindly if you stuck to fandoms I know, most of which are listed in my tags page, but if you want something outside my knowledge, I'll look into something a bit.

*This means you don't have to stick to Naruto, Sakura or Ino, or Sakura/Ino.

ETA 2: I was thinking earlier, and I realized I should probably put an end-date on these requests. I will take them through midnight December 1.

ETA: I'm rarely, if ever, politically correct. I find it a waste of time, energy, and sanity. But I do hate being rude, and I realized I was being rude when I thought of the other winter holidays, so I'll say this: If you don't celebrate Christmas, ask for one anyway. It's part of the season, remember? Before the world went insane and decided it wasn't "politically correct" to say "Christmas." Anyway, before I incite angry debates, it's part of the cheerfulness and generosity of the season. If you don't celebrate the same holiday I do, say so in your request and I'll alter the post accordingly. But don't feel like you can't have a present because you don't put up a tree or sing carols like I do, okay? I'm more than happy to write something for you.


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